【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2
【IC】Thera75 v2

【IC】Thera75 v2

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  • There will be an instock sale but only for China Mainland – Sept 26th

  • For overseas there will be a very limited raffle sales only on our discord server – Mid October(Raffle winner can credit the discount coupon to buy thera75 v2,final price will be $270)

  • Global GB – October 30th to November 30th

General infomation:

  • Keyboard Kit color:
    • Off-White
    • Grey 430C
    • Navy295C
    • GB will release more colors
  • Case material:6063 Alu
  • Grade:6.5°
  • Weight: Stainless steel black matte PVD
  • Badge:
    • Greece/anchor/rudder badge hard-bundled with instock keyboard colorways (at GB you will be able to freely choose the badge)
    • 75 badge/Santorini badge/Rudder knob only available at GB
  • Mounting: Top Mount/PCBGasket Mount (Plateless supported)
  • PCB: 1.6mm Solderedor Hotswap
    • BLE hotswap(GB only)
  • Plate material:
    • 1.5mm PC plate supports PCB gasket mount
    • 1.5mm Carbon Fibre plate supports top mount
    • GB sale will release more options
  • Matching Theme Keycaps:Three colorways (in stock)


Box Content:

  • 1*Top case
  • 1*Bottom case
  • 1*Stainless steel weight(black matte PVD)
  • 1*standard badge(hard bundled with colorway during instock sale)
  • 1*PCB(hotswap/soldered/GB only: BLE hotswap)
  • 1*1.5mmPlate(PC/Carbon Fibre)
  • 1*1mm+1*2mm bottom case poron foam
  • 1*2mm hotswap poron foam
  • 1*3.5mm switch poron foam
  • 1*5mm switch poron foam (recommended for plateless building)
  • 2*3mm battery cavity foam
  • 1*0.5mm PE poron foam
  • 1 set of Silicone gasket socks
  • 1 set of Screws and tools

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